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Dutch photo institute Noorderlicht is at risk.

The past 9 months I have been taking part in the Noorderlicht Masterclass in Groningen, The Netherlands organised by Lars Boering and Marc Prüst and with great international masters such as Francis Hodgson, Magdalena Herrera from Geo France, David Birkitt from DMB Media and Dutch masters like Adriaan Monshauer, Charlotte van Lingen (Kunsthal) and Rob van Bracht.

The host organisation Noorderlicht is at risk of closure as the Dutch advisory board for Culture of The Netherlands (Raad voor  Cultuur) advised the Dutch Government to cut the financial support to Noorderlicht after 2012. Half of the total Noorderlicht budget comes from the Government, this is therefore a major setback for them and might lead to the end of the annual Noorderlicht Photofestival.

The 14 participants of the 2011/12 Masterclass are collaborating with Noorderlicht to produce a support newspaper which features our work for the Masterclass.  If you like a copy of the newspaper please let me know.

Help us support and save Noorderlicht,  like the facebook page/noordlerlichthastosay or leave them a personal message.


Written by Marieke ten Wolde

June 8, 2012 at 10:59

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