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Reflect on Yushu

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It is only two days ago that two men self immolated in Dzatoe (Zaduo) in Yushu prefecture and it is only 2 hours since I saw the grueling videos of that on YouTube. I was writing a new Tibet travel log, but now I feel it is completely inappropriate to post that as these self immolations (in last couple of months almost 40 Tibetans self immolated) should overtake any other posts about Tibet in importance.

But since I do not know what to say  about the self immolations, apart from the blatantly obvious, I decided to just post some pictures of Yushu. But I will come back to the subject at some point.

I visited Yushu and Yushu prefecture in 2011 almost exactly one year after the devastating earth quake in 2010 which completely destroyed the city (please see one of my earlier blogs King Gesar).  This year I wanted to go back to see how the rebuilding was progressing but the area has been closed to foreigners by the authorities as there have been large demonstrations and self immolations earlier in the year as well.


Written by Marieke ten Wolde

June 22, 2012 at 21:35

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