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Tibet Travel log 7, Bloody dogs and rabies shots

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The result of my karma, the Tibetan way of thinking, or bad luck, my take, was a dog bite. It was no more than some minor scratches (see previous blog) and an enormous bruise that took three weeks to disappear, but since the skin was broken, I had to find Rabies booster shots. There are no Rabies shots available in Tagong, because these need to be cooled and with the intermittent power supply, the local clinic is not allowed to store the vaccine.

Therefore I went to the next large town with reliable power supply (Kangding) to the vaccination office where dog bites and rabies vaccinations are a standard procedure and taken very seriously!

It was decided I needed to have four shots: two were immediately administered, one I would have to get in a few days time and one two weeks after that. The nurses also very carefully pointed out that the vaccine had to be cooled, but not frozen. The remaining two bottles of vaccine were packed in newspaper and ice and they insisted that I put them as quickly as possible in the fridge in the Tagong clinic.

Ha, nice challenge, I did not tell them I was not staying in Tagong but backpacking through a freezing Tibet where at the same time temperature would reach 30 degrees in the sun. I will spare you tales of fridges, frozen bottles of water, power cuts, locked storage rooms, local clinics, quality of Chinese syringes etc that I dealt with in the weeks after.

But I managed, so, if you think these blogs stay coherent, you might conclude those Rabies shots worked.

(If you still doubt about getting your rabies vaccinations before heading for Tibet, please check up Wikipedia on the subject)


Written by Marieke ten Wolde

July 20, 2012 at 08:53

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