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Oppa is Nangma style, Nangma style, Oppa is Nangma style, Nangma style, Oppa is Nangma style
Eh- Sexy Lady, Oppa is Nangma style, Eh- Sexy Lady oh oh oh oh

Nangma is a traditional way of singing and dancing performance in Tibet. Nangma Lhasa style however is a lot less traditional than the official channels make it out to be and as a result it is very popular. Some of the Nangma bars in the Tibetan part of Lhasa are huge with hundreds of people hanging out on a busy night.

Girls in very tight trousers, or traditional dress, the boys in jeans who clearly spent a lot of time their hair, the older man in chubas, all busy with their smart phones.

And Nangma is dangerous, so I am told: ‘Be careful of men drinking too much, be careful of knife fights, be careful of thieves’. Well, all man are body searched before entering, the majority of the people drink fruit juice, and when the dancing finally starts around mid night it is in neat lines everybody doing the same steps. I see nothing that would worry me, it is just fun.


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